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         “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success” is the core spirit of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foregin Languages and the recognized education concept of teachers and students the common pursuit of “forming modest personality, building harmonious campus and cultivating excellent talents”. 


    “Harmony and integrity” is not only the basic norm and values of self-discipline, networking and doing academic research of students and teachers. It requires modesty in communicating and cooperating with others, harmonious coexistence, integrity in networking and pursuit of excellence.


    “Cultivation and Success” means focusing on education and cultivation of outstanding talents. It is the common goal of our work, study and cultivation. In pursuit of excellence, students strive to become application-oriented talents in foreign languages and related professional talents with international vision and high quality. 


    ?;?mdash;The School Emblem





     ?;障卵?ldquo;SPT”三个英文字母,SPTSystem of Professional Talent的英文缩写添彩网平台注册,是学校的人才培养体系,其目标是培养具有国际视野的高素质应用型人才。


    The University Emblem

    The university emblem is circular in shape. Its circular shape signifies the endless cycling of life.

    On the upper edge of the emblem reads the English name of the University: Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages.

    In the middle are two Chinese characters “越秀”, which are the abbreviated name of the University and connote the university motto “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success”.

    The main color scheme for the emblem is green, the color that represents life. The green color of the emblem symbolizes the vibrant vitality and harmonious development of the University. The green color and the two Chinese characters “越秀” in running script combine to convey the University’s campus spirit of “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success”.

    At the bottom are three English letters spelling “SPT”. SPT, short for “System of Professional Talent”, is the talent cultivation system of the University. It aims at developing high-quality practical foreign language professionals and related specialized personnel of international vision.

    The whole emblem embodies the Yuexiu spirit, which combines the University’s campus spirit of “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success”, its talent cultivation system, SPT, and its development vision.



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